Mobile Patrols

mobile patrol security gaurd

Delta Kilo Security services provide full external and internal mobile patrols. These patrols are carried out at varied times to ensure that premises are secure from intrusion, fire and flooding. This service is a low cost security solution that that has a positive impact in deterring crime and preventing damage to clients premises.  All patrols are electronically recorded and weekly management reports confirming these services are provided to the client for their review.

Security mobile patrol services 24hrs, internal and external, fully tracked and recorded utilising sat nav technology.

Delta Kilo Security services adhere to all Private Security Authority licensing requirements working in partnership with our Licensed security service providers. Our offices are located in Dublin offering security services and products Nationwide. Our team of Security Consultants will manage all security contracts on behalf of our Clients ensuring excellence in security performance, reports and managing review and performance meetings on a monthly basis. Delta Kilo Security Ltd on behalf of our customers will achieve competitive pricing whilst ensuring a high quality security service is provided. Delta Kilo  Security will manage high levels of security training for staff supplying these services and ensuring that a proactive security action plan is implemented, managed and actively improved on month by month, utilising Service Level Agreements and monitoring report specifications. Delta Kilo Security will carry out a full free risk assessment on all our Customer sites and will complete security site instructions specifying security services required.